At the Beginning

Vandercook Universal I in Berkeley Landscape

It’s happening all very fast, but I did it! Today I am officially an owner of my very own press. I was in contact with Verdant Press just a couple of days ago and to my surprise we are connected. The press community is really a tight one.

Jason of Verdant Press happens to be from Pasadena, started learning letterpress at the Armory, then was also a student of Gerald Lange of Bieler Press and ended up in Northern California.  But here I am, after years of searching (and saving) for the perfect press I knew I had to make a jump on it to make it to Berkeley as soon as possible to see if she was the right fit.

It was really like love at first sight! After seeing the press, talking with Jason and also giving her a test spin, I knew she was the one! So I pulled out my check book and pulled the trigger. Now I’m on my way back to Southern California and will need to figure out the next big thing…  how to move this 1,200 lb press down to LA and also where…


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