Arrival Day

Unloading the Pressrolling the press

She’s here! And here’s Hicks Brothers moving her in. Thank goodness I found a place with a ground floor garage. And thank goodness I found a place in general! When I bought the press I didn’t have a place yet… I couldn’t decide if I should move in a shared studio space or just move and find an apartment where I could sleep and also house a press. Right now I decided since I’m holding down a full-time job it would be best to try and find a live/work type kind of place. And I wanted to stay in the Los Feliz area.

I fortunately found the perfect spot here in Silver Lake. It could be a little bit more spacious but I have a garage that I can use as studio space and I can live upstairs so I’ll always have access to the press. I dream of the day where I can have a studio with big windows overlooking the ocean or some foresty-meadow area, or even maybe something like this but this will do for now. It’s a start! 🙂

Now here she is all moved into her new home!

Vandercook Universal I Los Angeles


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